Aside from the veritable plethora of history, Mauritius is also a beautiful country with a unique topography which gives rise to some amazing photo opportunities.

In the centre of the island you will find the central plateau, an area about 500 metres above sea level.  This height difference gives leads to cooler temperatures which frequently condenses the warm air being blown in from the sea by the South-East trade winds, leading to a higher rainfall.  This can cause phenomena like rainbows which appear to be much lower than you might find elsewhere and because of this, you will frequently see double rainbows.  You will often find the coastal areas are experiencing blue skies and sunshine whilst it can be raining heavily on the central plateau.  If you ever visit Mauritius and stay in any of the hotels on the coast, if you plan to visit any of the towns or villages on the Central Plateau, you should always pack warmer clothes and consider an umbrella.

This page is dedicated to showcasing some of the amazing photo opportunities which can be found throughout the island.

Benares Cliffs Beach Black River Gorge National Park Black River Gorge View Point COVID-19, Empty beaches on the last day of the lockdown Flic en Flac Beach La Cambuse Public Beach La Cambuse Public Beach at Night La Prairie Beach Le Goulet Beach Le Morne Beaches Le Morne Public Beach Lion Mountain (Montagne Du Lion) Pomponette Public Beach Riambel Public Beach Rivière des Galets Public Beach Signal Mountain Souillac Public Beach St Felix Beach Sunset from the Black River Gorge Viewpoint Tamarin Beach Tamarin Public Beach Trou aux Biches Beach