Military Locations

12 Pounder Cannon Artillery Barracks Batterie Conti Batterie de Bourbon Batterie de Bourgogne Batterie de la Reine (WWII) Batterie l'Harmonie Batterie de Lorraine (Partially Constructed) Batterie de St. Louis Batterie des Grenadiers, Pointe aux Piments Batterie Du Mas, Port Louis Batterie Jacotet Batterie Mahébourg Batterie Pentagon, Pointe aux Piments Bois des Amourettes Jetty Bois des Amourettes Tank Farm Bois des Amourettes WWII Fuelling Point Cannons, Jardin Plaine-Verte Curepipe Barracks, Infection Ward Curepipe Barracks, Married Quarters Donjon St. Louis Fay Battery Fay Battery Searchlight Post Fay Battery Water Reservoir Fort Adelaide (The Citadel) Fort Adelaide (The Citadel - 25th June 2021) Fort Adelaide (The Citadel - 3rd July 2020) Fort Adelaide (The Citadel - 4th June 2022) Fort Adelaide (The Citadel - 9th September 2022) Fort Albert Fort George 10th May 2018 Fort George Fort George 24th June 2020 Fort George 25th June 2021 Fort Victoria Fort William French Retranchements Headquarters for the Grand Port Defences Magasins à Poudre, Pointe Canon, Mahébourg Martello Tower (La Preneuse) Martello Tower (Tower 3) Martello Tower (Tower 5) Mens Bathing Shed 1872 (Site of) Military Hospital, Port-Louis Mk II RML 10-inch 18-ton guns Nick Battery, Pointe du Diable Pointe aux Canonniers Portuguese Cannon, Cassis QF 12 Pounder 12 CWT Naval Gun RAF Plaisance RAF Plaisance Redoute Albion Remains of the Footings for a Wall Shown on a Plan from 1872 Rifle Range - Candos Cookhouse (Site of) Royal Engineers Stores and Yard (Site of) Trig Point (potential Site) WWII RAF Flying Boat Station WWII Searchlight Emplacements