Assemblee de Dieu, Mahébourg Batterie Mahébourg Boat Trip! British Soldiers Memorial Burnt and Abandoned House Cavendish Bridge, Mahébourg Christ Church, Mahébourg Crysolite Monument Engine Shed, Mahébourg Railway Station Four a Chaux Mahébourg Grand Port Battle Monument, Mahébourg Waterfront L'Abreuvoir, Mahébourg British Soldiers Memorial Lion Mountain (Montagne Du Lion) Magasins à Poudre, Pointe Canon, Mahébourg Mahébourg Mahébourg - Christmas Eve 2020 Mahébourg Cremation Ground Mahébourg Railway Station Mahébourg Hospital Mahébourg Railway Station Mahébourg Road Culvert Mahébourg Waterfront Memorial of the Abolition of Slavery, Pointe Canon, Mahébourg Mens Bathing Shed 1872 (Site of) Mouchoir Rouge, Mahébourg National History Museum Pointe Canon Railway Infrastructure Remains of the Footings for a Wall Shown on a Plan from 1872 Unidentified Chimney (Mahébourg) Cookhouse (Site of) Royal Engineers Stores and Yard (Site of) Swami Sivananda's Statue Trig Point (potential Site) Water Management, Rivière la Chaux Water Tank, Mahébourg Railway Station