Cemeteries,Tombs & Memorials

There are many cemeteries and tombs found around Mauritius with many very old and sometimes quirky graves.  The names of the more prominent families appear on some rather impressive tombs and most Mauritian families have their own burial plot into which, all of their dead are buried.  This does often mean, the bones of those buried of those already buried, are collected during the re-digging of a grave to be re-interred with the latest burial.  Whilst the cemetery can arrange for a grave to be reopened for a fee, it is not uncommon for the male members of a bereaved family to dig the grave.

Many of the historic cemeteries which remain in use have areas where the interred died from infectious diseases and these areas will never be reused for fear of infection.

18th Century Tombstones A Serjeant in the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers, Western Cemetery A. Desire Durup de Balaine, Western Cemetery A. Mandavy & H. Boi, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery A. P. Lebas de Lachesnaye, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery A.E. Florigny, Western Cemetery Adekelam Aubagaron, Western Cemetery Adelaide Anais Cornet, Western Cemetery Adélaïde de Bertirelli, Pamplemousses Cemetery Adélaïde Drioux, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Adélaïde Héloïse Le Bas de Lachesnaye, Pamplemousses Cemetery Adélaïde Marie Germain, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Adèle Fanchin Lapierre, Pamplemousses Cemetery Adele Leblanc, Western Cemetery Adrien d'Epinay Tomb, Pamplemousses Cemetery Agathe Moutou Veuve l'Eveillé, Pamplemousses Cemetery Agatina Charmante, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Agnes Anne Coatley, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Agnes Shearman née Crawford, Western Cemetery Albert Christian Frederick Koch, Western Cemetery Albert Germain, Western Cemetery Alcibiade Cici LaHausse, Western Cemetery Grave of Alexander Forbes, QM Quarter Master, 99th Regiment Alexander Marquis Tomb, Ensign Bengal Native Infantry Alexander McDonald, Western Cemetery Alexander Murray, Western Cemetery Alexander Pushkin Monument Alexis Claie Edouard Espagnac Grave Alfred Guy, Western Cemetery Alfred, Infant Son of W.R. Mosley, Western Cemetery Alice Pirie Johnstone, Western Cemetery Allard Brother & Sister, Western Cemetery Alma Cemetery Amanda Legoff, Western Cemetery Andre Maeurier, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens André Paturau, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Andrew Mulvany, Western Cemetery Ange Gaston Hardy, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Ange Lucien Nérée Morel, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Ann Bessie Marshall, Western Cemetery Ann Pauline Houghton née Sidonie, Western Cemetery Tomb of Ann, Wife of S. Knowles Serjeant R.S.M. Anna Ortige, Western Cemetery Annie Dyer, Phoenix Cemetery Tomb of Annie Seymour Anthony Hutton Rowlandson M.D., Western Cemetery Antoi Jean Berthier Grave, Western Cemetery Antoine Berguin, Western Cemetery Antoine Cantin, Western Cemetery Antoine Curtat, Western Cemetery Archibald Litchfield Tomb, Western Cemetery Aristide Nicol, Western Cemetery Armand Lapeyre, Chirugien Major, Western Cemetery Armourer Serjeant Jeremiah Reardon 85th King's Light Infantry, Western Cemetery Arsene Pons, Western Cemetery Arthur Frederick Louis Mair O'Brien, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Arthur Lacoudraye, Western Cemetery Arthur Raynaud, Western Cemetery Arthur Wilson Esq., Western Cemetery Auguste Balize de Maison-Neuve, Western Cemetery Auguste Denis, Western Cemetery Auguste Justinien Bertrand, Western Cemetery Auguste Le Bas de Lachesnaye, Pamplemousses Cemetery B. C. Frederique, Western Cemetery Baboo Jhuboolall Sing, Western Cemetery Bain des Dames Cemetery Bambous Cemetery, Black River Bandsman Arnold Pearce Partington HMAS Canberra Baron d’Unienville Tomb, Souillac Cemetery Basile Jacques Pean, Western Cemetery Belmont Cemetery Benoît Fleury Canonville, Western Cemetery Bethlehem Stone Monument Betty Taylor, Phoenix Cemetery Bigarade Cemetery, Curepipe Billy Winter, Pamplemousses Cemetery Black River Cemetery Bois Marchand Cemetery Bombardier Marie Noel Adrien Gaston Macquet Mauritius Volunteers Bonnefin et Constatin, Western Cemetery Brebner Family Tomb Bremon Nadeau Familly, Western Cemetery Brigite-Felicite Josephine de Rochecouste, Western Cemetery Brigitte Cailleau, Western Cemetery British Cemetery British Soldiers Memorial Bruno Dinety C. Aristide Bonnet, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery C.G. Franklin Tomb, Priest of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury Camp Diable Cemetery Cap Malheureux Cemetery Capitaine F. Cochaux, Western Cemetery Capitaine L. A Florentin, Western Cemetery Captain Angus Taylor, Western Cemetery Captain Charles Pinckney Grave Captain John Fraser 22nd Regiment Captain John Henry Richardson Barker Royal Army Medical Corps Captain John Morgan, Western Cemetery Captain Joseph Yates Tomb, Western Cemetery Captain Leonard Sumner Joyce Royal Artillery, Western Cemetery Captain McDougall, 89th Regiment, Western Cemetery Captain Sackville Zaccheus Thatcher Grave Tomb of Captain Thomas Guise Stewart, 7th Bombay Regiment Tomb of Captain Thomas Robert Shervinton, 99th Regiment Captain W.H. Moxey Late Commander of the Barque Scourfield, Western Cemetery Captain Walter Tyler 6th Regiment, Western Cemetery Carlo Francisco Colombino, Western Cemetery Caroline Elisabeth Latour De St Ygest, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Casper August Andrea, Western Cemetery Catherine Turner, Western Cemetery CC. W. Reusch, Western Cemetery Cecil Ernest Hart, Western Cemetery Cécile Claudine Hortense de Barry, Pamplemousses Cemetery Cemetery of the Sisters of Bon et Perpetuel Secours Chamarel Cemetery Chapman Tomb Charles Adrien Broudou, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Charles Burton James Richard Stuart, Western Cemetery Charles Dumat, Western Cemetery Charles Edouard Deroullede, Western Cemetery Charles Edward Cockayne, Bigarade Cemetery Charles Edward Telfair, Western Cemetery Charles Eugène Bazire, Western Cemetery Charles Fabre, Western Cemetery Charles Feline, Pamplemousses Cemetery Charles Fournier, Western Cemetery Charles Frederic Falckh, Western Cemetery Charles Grant McIrvine, Phoenix Cemetery Charles Henry Leal Tomb, Western Cemetery Charles McKenzie Campbell, Western Cemetery Charles Neal, Western Cemetery Charles Pierre Harel, Western Cemetery Charles Planel Tomb, Pamplemousses Cemetery Charles Reginald Howett, Western Cemetery Charles Sommer, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Charles Thorny Pitot Tomb, Pamplemousses Cemetery Charles W Rock, Phoenix Cemetery Chauri Moutoue, Western Cemetery Children of Captain G. F. Chambers R.A., Western Cemetery Cimetière 3 Îlots, Olivia Pamplemousses Cemetery Circonstance Cemetery Clémence Rouillard, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Clifford Britter, Phoenix Cemetery Colonel A. Horne, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Colonel Draper Tomb, La Mivoie Cemetery Color Sergeant Findlay, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Colour Sergeant J. Elder, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Colour Serjeant William Hawes, Western Cemetery Tomb of Commodore Nourse, Western Cemetery Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Phoenix Cemetery, Mauritius Constant Paris, Western Cemetery Cook Albert Henry Howes HMS Lurcher Royal Naval Patrol Service Corporal George Taplin Musician 2nd Battalion 5th Fusiliers 87 Corporal Marie Emmanuel Henri Comty, Mauritius Volunteers, Western Cemetery Corporal Robert Mathews, Western Cemetery Couve Family, Western Cemetery Cpl Dominique J. Nicolas, Pamplemousses Cemetery Crysolite Monument Dame Augustine le Court de Billot, Pamplemousses Cemetery Dame D Durove, Western Cemetery Dame Francoise Fragassa Veuve Jean Mangent, Western Cemetery Dame Honorine Eugénie Bressolles née Caune, Western Cemetery Dame Jeanne Françoise Casse, Pamplemousses Cemetery Dame John Blenheim Solomon, Western Cemetery Dame Marie Anne Coder, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Dame Marie Julienne Cambernon, Western Cemetery Dame Marie Reine Estoupan de Laval, Western Cemetery Dame Perrine Dufourq née Loutre, Western Cemetery Dame Thomas Bernard née Anais Dumane, Western Cemetery Dame Ve. Rosalie Kvern, Western Cemetery Daniel Pierre Pelicier Tomb David Black Tomb Memorial to Many David Mahoney Tomb David Murdie, Western Cemetery David Thomson Merchant of Port Louis, Western Cemetery Denis Marin Dodin, Western Cemetery Deux Freres Cemetery Docteur Frederic Dombreu Tomb, Western Cemetery Docteur H Lejeune, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Docteur Henry Lolliot Tomb, Western Cemetery Dominus Arthur Chicester Tomb, Western Cemetery Dorcy Pulvenis, Western Cemetery Doristan Lapierre, Western Cemetery Douglas Wales, Western Cemetery Dr Goomany Tomb Dr Marc Josue Rohan Dr. B.A. Sinnatambou, Western Cemetery Dr. Emmanuel Charles Poupinel de Valance, Western Cemetery Dr. F. Dauban Tomb, Western Cemetery Dr. Jules Labonte, Western Cemetery Dr. Onesipho Beaugeard, Western Cemetery Dr. Stadtman Tomb, Chebel Eastern Cemetery, Port-Louis Edmond Duvivier, Pamplemousses Cemetery Edmund Duley, Western Cemetery Edouard Alfred Bruneau, Pamplemousses Cemetery Edouard Marrier d'Unienville, Western Cemetery Edward Allen Williams, Western Cemetery Edward Charles Clifford, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Edward Stocker, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Edward VII Memorial Edwin Michel Tomb, Western Cemetery Elizabeth Brown, Western Cemetery Elizabeth Catherine Utter, Pamplemousses Cemetery Elizabeth Hill, Western Cemetery Elizabeth Sarah Telfair, Western Cemetery Ellen Catherine Maunsell, Western Cemetery Elysee Serret, Western Cemetery Emard Dupuy, Western Cemetery Émélin Autard de Bragard, Pamplemousses Cemetery Emile Nicolas Villecollet, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Emmanuel Anquetil Tomb Ernest Augustus Knight, Western Cemetery Ernest Baudot, Western Cemetery Ernest Edward Robinson, Western Cemetery Ernest Merle, Western Cemetery Ernestine Antelme, Bigarade Cemetery Etienne Florimond, Pamplemousses Cemetery Etienne Hyacinthe Husson, Western Cemetery Etienne Mamarot de Viviers Villeneuve de Berg, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Etienne Mamarot de Viviers, Pamplemousses Cemetery Eugene Angenard, Western Cemetery F.A. Lhoste, Western Cemetery F.W. Kennedy, St Martin's Cemetery Fairfax Wansbrough, Western Cemetery Famille A. Carbonel, Western Cemetery Famille A. Jules Bouic, Western Cemetery Famille A. Lacoste, Western Cemetery Famille A. Meistre, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille A. Salesse, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille A. Signolet, Western Cemetery Famille A. Tarby, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille A.O.E.M.C. Panglose, Western Cemetery Famille Adrien de Speville, Western Cemetery Famille Adrien Desvaux de Marigny, Western Cemetery Famille Adrien Harel, Western Cemetery Famille Albert Brouard, Western Cemetery Famille Alcide de Comarmond, Western Cemetery Famille Alexis Coutanceau, Western Cemetery Famille Alfred de la Hogue, Western Cemetery Famille Alfred Delpit, Western Cemetery Famille Alphonse Serieuse, Western Cemetery Famille Arnaud Huet de Froberville, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Arthur Labury, Western Cemetery Famille Arthur Langlois, Western Cemetery Famille Arthur Sibaly, Western Cemetery Famille Aubin, Western Cemetery Famille Auguste Maroussem, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Baissac, Western Cemetery Famille Bernard Huet de Froberville, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Bourayne, Western Cemetery Famille Bourgault, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille C. Pitot, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille C. Renouf, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille C. Rousset, Western Cemetery Famille C. Tourrette, Western Cemetery Famille C. Vieau, Western Cemetery Famille C. Wiehe, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille C.P. Leblanc, Western Cemetery Famille Charles Rouget, Western Cemetery Famille Collard, Western Cemetery Famille D. Byrnes, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Famille D. Pontré, Western Cemetery Famille Danjoux, Phoenix Cemetery Famille de Chasteigner Dumée, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille de Guigne et Famille Dussac Voiart, Western Cemetery Famille de l'Honorable Bourgault du Coudray, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Delcour Chasle, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Delisse, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Descroizilles, Western Cemetery Famille Desmarais Tomb, Western Cemetery Famille Dr. Arthur Jollivet, Western Cemetery Famille Dr. J.E.H. Gentil, Western Cemetery Famille du Dr. W.T.A. Edwards, C.M.G, Western Cemetery Famille Durand Deslongrais, Western Cemetery Famille E. Guerry, Western Cemetery Famille E. Jalama, Phoenix Cemetery Famille E. R. Jerome, Western Cemetery Famille E. Regnaud, Western Cemetery Famille Edmond Dayot, Western Cemetery Famille Edmond Pierrot, Western Cemetery Famille Elmour Hitié, Western Cemetery Famille Emile Arlenda, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Ernest Boullé, Western Cemetery Famille Ernest Le Maire, Western Cemetery Famille Etienne Benoit, Western Cemetery Famille Eugene Fromet de Rosnay, Western Cemetery Famille Eugene Laurent, Western Cemetery Famille F. Dennemont, Western Cemetery Famille F. Freyneau, Western Cemetery Famille F. J. Bour, Western Cemetery Famille Felix Faduilhe, Western Cemetery Famille Felix le Vieux, Western Cemetery Famille François Pilot, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Francois Russie, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Frédéric Victor, Western Cemetery Famille Frederick Edward Feuilherade, Western Cemetery Famille G. Guimbeau, Western Cemetery Famille G.F. Desperles, Western Cemetery Famille Gabriel Fromet de Rosnay, Western Cemetery Famille Galdemar, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Gregoire Chenaux, Western Cemetery Famille Gustave Jean Louis, Western Cemetery Famille Guy du Trévou, Western Cemetery Famille H. Adam, Western Cemetery Famille H. Latour de St. Ygest, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Hardy, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Famille Henry Castor, Western Cemetery Famille Henry Chauvin, Western Cemetery Famille Henry Rousset, Westen Cemetery Famille I. Jollivet, Western Cemetery Famille Ida Dard, Western Cemetery Famille J. Eugène Chauvet, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille J. Pierre Hardy, Western Cemetery Famille J. Rabin, Western Cemetery Famille J.B.G. Serge Staub, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille J.D. Constantin, Western Cemetery Famille J.L. Gérard Bax, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille J.P. Francois, Western Cemetery Famille J.P. Létimié, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille James Duff, Western Cemetery Famille Jean Auguste Jules Corson, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Jean Raymond Harel, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Jean-Baptiste Wiehe, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille John Blackburn, Western Cemetery Famille Joseph Darné, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Joseph Edouard Pougnet, Western Cemetery Famille Joseph Gauthier, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Joseph Marc Harel, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Joseph Vincent Georges, Western Cemetery Famille Jules Avrillon, Western Cemetery Famille Jules Blandin de Chalain, Western Cemetery Famille Jules Bouchet, Western Cemetery Famille Jules Mallac, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Julius Herchenroder, Western Cemetery Famille Julius Mallet, Western Cemetery Famille Koenig, Western Cemetery Famille L. Bouquet, Western Cemetery Famille L.A.E. Loumeau, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Laborde, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Lachenardiere, Western Cemetery Famille Laporte & Baudon, Western Cemetery Famille Leon Hardy, Western Cemetery Famille Léon Maurel, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Léopold Antelme, Western Cemetery Famille Lincoln, Western Cemetery Famille Louis Bourgault, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Famille Louis Gonnet, Western Cemetery Famille Louis Gustave de Boucherville, Western Cemetery Famille Louis Sauzier, Western Cemetery Famille Lucien Couacaud, Western Cemetery Famille M. Audibert, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Mamarot de Kerembriec, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Marcelin Sauzier et Anatole Sauzier, Western Cemetery Famille Maurel, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Merven, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille N. Zamudio, Western Cemetery Famille Nicolas Pierrus, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille O. Laval, Western Cemetery Famille Ohsan, Western Cemetery Famille Oscar Chevreau, Western Cemetery Famille P. V. Lanougarède, Western Cemetery Famille Pierre R. Ythier, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Pierre Raffin, Western Cemetery Famille R. Dumont, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille R. Jullienne, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Raffray, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Raymond Hodoul, Western Cemetery Famille Rohan, Western Cemetery Famille Rondeaux, Western Cemetery Famille Sènéque, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Th. Motet, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Thibaud, Western Cemetery Famille Tom Talbot, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Venpin, Western Cemetery Famille Victor Harel, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Victor Marot, Western Cemetery Famille Vincent Bourgault du Coudray, Pamplemousses Cemetery Famille Virgile Janson, Western Cemetery Famille William Charles Bathfield, Western Cemetery Famille William Newton, Western Cemetery Famille Y. Pitchen, Western Cemetery Familles A. Saminaden et Nalletamby, Western Cemetery Familles Bonsergent, Humbert & Perindorge, Pamplemousses Cemetery Familles Boulle, Fleurot & Chelin, Pamplemousses Cemetery Familles D & L Masson Abraham, Western Cemetery Familles Dioré et Gautray, Western Cemetery Familles J. Latapie & Lamegie, Pamplemousses Cemetery Familles Jules Rousset & Eugene Rousset, Western Cemetery Familles L.A.I Gourrege & A. Lagesse, Pamplemousses Cemetery Familles Prosper Desdemaines Hugon & Ernest Guyomar de Préaudet, Western Cemetery Familles Raymond & Chery Noët, Pamplemousses Cemetery Familles Rougier Lagane, Western Cemetery Familles Rudelle & Pouget de Saint-André, Western Cemetery Family C A d'Avray, Phoenix Cemetery Family John Smith, Western Cemetery Family Vault of Titus E. Ware, Royal Engineers Department Félicie Comarmond, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Felix de Roubillard, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Felix Francois Giblot Ducray, Western Cemetery Felix Herchenroder, Western Cemetery Fernand Magot, Western Cemetery Firmin Hoarau, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Flic en Flac Cemetery Flore Lutile, Petit Bel Air Cemetery France Staub, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Frances Louis Carrol Dexter Tomb Francis and Honoria Barclay, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Francis Channell Family, Western Cemetery Adélaïde Marie Germain, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Francois Blaize Vigier LaTour, Western Cemetery François de Chazal, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery François Emile Villecollet, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Francois Fortier Family, Western Cemetery Francois John Devienne, Western Cemetery François Jules Maurel, Pamplemousses Cemetery Francoise Antoi Masse, Western Cemetery Francoise Evelina Durup de Balaine et Charles Victor Esnouf, Western Cemetery Francoise Latour, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Francoise Leoncise Francois, Western Cemetery Frank Bartlett, Phoenix Cemetery Tomb of Franz Arnouts Frederick Staub, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Frederick W. H. Barlow, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Fredrick C.M. Ellis Esq., Petit Bel Air Cemetery Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes, Western Cemetery G.C. Blackburn, Western Cemetery Gabriel Laval, Western Cemetery Gebert Cemetery General Jacob de Cordemoy Tomb, Western Cemetery George Cleaveland Scott Tomb, Western Cemetery George Gregory, Western Cemetery George Hardinge Tomb, Western Cemetery George Kneebone, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Grave of George Stronagh Georges Joseph Chasteigner Dumée, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Georgina Catherine Thompson, Western Cemetery Gérard Ythier Tomb Gérome Michel, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Grand Port Battle Monument, Mahébourg Waterfront Grand-Gaube Cemetery Guillaume Desvaux, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Guillaume Lavergne, Chirurgien Aide-Major, Western Cemetery Guillaume Olivier Raffray Tomb Guillaume Picot Lacombe Desvergnes, Western Cemetery Gunner Driver Pilkington, Western Cemetery Gunner R Armionson Royal Garrison Artillery Gustav George Wilson, Western Cemetery Gustave Adolphe Autard De Bragard, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Gustave Frederic Coret, Western Cemetery Harriet Keefe Tomb Helen Cowell Helen Morgan, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Henri Brunel Serire, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Henrietta Surtees née Staveley, Western Cemetery Henry Abbott, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Henry Edgar Furlong, Western Cemetery Henry George Smith, Bigarade Cemetery Henry Hall Grave, Western Cemetery Henry John Farquharson Whitty, Western Cemetery Henry Koenig, Western Cemetery Tomb of Henry Philip Rogers MRCP FRCS Henry Talbot Snelling, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Henry Thomas Drury, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Henry Thomas Perrot, Pamplemousses Cemetery Henry William Rickwood, Western Cemetery Hersilie Fondaumière née Vergoz, Western Cemetery Hiram Cutler Honorable Charles Millien, Western Cemetery Honoria C O'Leary, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Honourable Francis Cynric Sheridan, Western Cemetery Monument to Hugh MacMillan M.I.M.E. Tomb of Hyppolite Boirot I. Dupont, Western Cemetery J B Ducasse, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery J Gabrielle Reynoird, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery J. A. Chasteauneuf, Bigarade Cemetery J. Edouard Gimel, Pamplemousses Cemetery J. Henri Lebrasse, Western Cemetery J.A.A. Bax, Pamplemousses Cemetery J.Eugène Motet, Pamplemousses Cemetery J.F. Diore, Pamplemousses Cemetery J.H. Malvezy, Western Cemetery J.J. Christopher Junghans, Western Cemetery J.L. Dagot, Pamplemousses Cemetery J.M. Dumaine de la Josserie, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jacque Geneve de St Jean, Western Cemetery Jacques Gaillardon, Western Cemetery Jacques Henri Renaud, Western Cemetery Jacques Phelines Villersfaux Tomb Jacques Pierre Caillou, Western Cemetery James A. S. Moore, St Martin's Cemetery James Crispin Late Bandmaster 99th Regiment James Edward Taylor, Western Cemetery James Hacking Esquire, Western Cemetery James Marie Brodie, Phoenix Cemetery James Taylor Hamilton, Western Cemetery Jane Pitt, Western Cemetery Jean Antoine Gachet, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean Baptiste Barallon, Western Cemetery Jean Baptiste Michellauna, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean Belin, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean Brandie, Western Cemetery Jean Bruno Arthur Latapie, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Jean Charles Borromée Pilot, Western Cemetery Jean Charles Le Breton, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean de Chasteauneuf, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Jean Dominique Ariet, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean Francoise Bax, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean Guillaume Le Prince, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean Hyacinthe Wiehe, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Jean Jamin, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jean Joseph Mabille, Western Cemetery Jean Le Diore Boulanger, Western Cemetery Jean Melotte, Pamplemousses Cemetery Tomb of Jean Pascal Dujonc de Boisquesnay, Western Cemetery Jean Yves Vauche Rault, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Jeanne Emilia Seneque, Western Cemetery Jeanne Félicia Grosse de Ténermont, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Jeanne Marie Louise Francoise Veuve Magnac nee Dodin, Western Cemetery Jeanne Noel, Western Cemetery Jean-Nicolas Céré, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jerry Jean Paul Legallant, Pamplemousses Cemetery Joannes Barbès, Pamplemousses Cemetery Johan Jacob Wiehe, Western Cemetery John Alexander Drummond, Petit Bel Air Cemetery John Anderson, Western Cemetery John Burrows, Western Cemetery John Cuthbert, Western Cemetery John Davy Esq. Merchant, Western Cemetery John Harris, Western Cemetery John Hill, Western Cemetery John Justin Cooper, Western Cemetery John Madocks Lowry Blackburn, Pamplemousses Cemetery John Payne, Engineer, Western Cemetery John Sarjant, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary, Western Cemetery John Thomas Probart, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jose Manuël, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Joseph Béchet, Western Cemetery Joseph Chartie, Western Cemetery Joseph Ernest Rose, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Joseph Gustave Collard, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Joseph Ignace de Letowski, Western Cemetery Joseph Laglaine, Western Cemetery Joseph Marital Damain de K'Ostin, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Joseph Martial Damain de K'Ostin, Pamplemousses Cemetery Joseph Osmond Barnard Tomb Joseph Robert Gallet, Bigarade Cemetery Joseph Staub Tomb Joseph Victor Amand Esnouf, Western Cemetery Joseph Victor de LaHausse, Western Cemetery Josephe Adolphe Louvet, Western Cemetery Josephine Babet, Western Cemetery Josephine Marie Ada Barnard, Western Cemetery Joson Merle, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Jules du Pavillon, Pamplemousses Cemetery Jules William Rennie, Phoenix Cemetery Julie et Artur B, Western Cemetery Julien Billard, Western Cemetery Julien Desjardins, Western Cemetery Julienne Abert, Western Cemetery Julien-Nicolas Cambernon, Western Cemetery L B Lomet, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens L J H Smith, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery L. Gaston Montocchio, Western Cemetery L. N. Le Roux, Western Cemetery L.P. Desir Julien, Western Cemetery Lady Sushil Ramgoolam's Grave Lance Corporal Joseph Henri Melotte Mauritius Volunteers Lance Corporal Louis Ganachaud Mauritius Volunteers Lance Corporal Oketch Odye King's African Rifles Laperouse Memorial Laurentia Dueray, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Laventure Burial Ground Le Cimetière Breton Lebrun Family Tomb Lee Chong Ken, Western Cemetery Lenin Monument Lenoir Grave, Western Cemetery Leoville L'Homme Tomb, Western Cemetery L'Escalier Cemetery Lienard Memorial Lieutenant Alexander William Hewson Lillie HMS Pretoria Royal Naval Reserve Lieutenant Charles Carter, 5th Fusiliers, Western Cemetery Lieutenant Colonel George Hardinge 99th Regiment, Western Cemetery Lieutenant Colonel George Tait, Western Cemetery Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Fenwick, Commander Royal Engineers Lieutenant James Butt, Western Cemetery Lieutenant John Wismarsh Templeman, 5th Fusiliers, Western Cemetery Lieutenant Leopold Fitzgerald, 5th Fusiliers, Western Cemetery Lislet Geoffroy Tomb, Western Cemetery Louis Adrien Felix Damain, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Louis Caromi Hermans, Pamplemousses Cemetery Louis Charles Emile Dagot, Pamplemousses Cemetery Louis Charles Letord, Western Cemetery Louis Jacques Perdrau, Western Cemetery Louis Jean Joseph Volcy Dabbadie, Western Cemetery Louis Joseph Berquin, Western Cemetery Louis Lechelle Tomb, Western Cemetery Louis Marcel Bestel, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Louis Marie Joseph Doyen Tomb, Western Cemetery Louis Michel Benoni, Western Cemetery Louis Raoul Rivet, Western Cemetery Louis Raoul, Lieutenant Colonel, Western Cemetery Louis Raymond Adam, Western Cemetery Louis Sulpice Bouton, Pamplemousses Cemetery Louis Theodor Augustin, Western Cemetery Louis Virgil Naz, Western Cemetery Louisa Delange née Salaun de Ker Marcal, Western Cemetery Lucien Autard de Bragard, Pamplemousses Cemetery Lucien Autard De Bragard, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Lucile Radeconde Lucrece Seenyen, Pamplemousses Cemetery M. Scipion, Western Cemetery M.A. Bonne Charlot, Western Cemetery M.E.H. Guilbaud, Western Cemetery Madame A. Sumeire, Western Cemetery Madame André Gillette, Pamplemousses Cemetery Madame Aristide Mangeot, Western Cemetery Madame Avril, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Madame E. Dauban, Western Cemetery Madame Elisée Rouessart, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Madame Fernand Boulle, Western Cemetery Madame Georges Channell, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Madame Guillaume Nizzeggi, Western Cemetery Madame H. Deschamps, Western Cemetery Madame J P Lebrasse, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Madame J Simon, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Madame Jean Pierre Mollières, Western Cemetery Madame Marie Louise Juliette Folsy, Western Cemetery Madame Paul Duhau, Western Cemetery Madame Sarolta Acs'Devoyod, Western Cemetery Madame Veuve & France Auguste Amand Edesse Esnouf, Western Cemetery Madame Victor Huteau née Zelie Gouacaud, Western Cemetery Madame Vingtessa Sinnatambou, Western Cemetery Madame Vyapooree, Western Cemetery Madeline Leongine Le Sage, Western Cemetery Mademoiselle Zelie, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Mahatma Ghandi Memorial, Rose-Belle Major Abraham James Clason, Western Cemetery Major G.A. Delhoste 35th Royal Sussex Regiment, Western Cemetery Major James Hervey, Western Cemetery Major Sir Robert A Douglas Bar, Western Cemetery Malartic Tomb Marain Deeljore, Western Cemetery Marc Lagesse DFC Marcel Mamarot de Kerembriec, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marcelin Mars, Western Cemetery Margaret Ann and James Norman, Western Cemetery Margaret Blake, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Margarette Clements, Western Cemetery Marguerite Josèphe Chardoillet, Western Cemetery Maria Anapourno, Western Cemetery Marie A. Aurecia Coëfique, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Adele F. Magnac, Western Cemetery Marie Adeley Joseph, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Amélie Benoit, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Antoinette Julie Gosse, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Arokiam, Western Cemetery Marie Augustin C. Fouquereaux, Western Cemetery Marie Berthe Desmazures, Western Cemetery Marie Cécilia Latour, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Cecilia Mamin, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Célestine Latour, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Charlotte Aurélie Fleurot, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Dorothée Emmée Maurel, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Elisabeth Boisson, Western Cemetery Marie Elvina Dehorgue, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Emma Caussourd, Western Cemetery Marie Emma Davy, Western Cemetery Marie Ernestine Frontin, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Marie Ersul, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Eva Vignes, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Francoise Chapou, Western Cemetery Marie Francoise Eloi de Beauvais, Western Cemetery Marie Françoise Laura Trouche, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Francoise Raverdy, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Gabriel Bonamour de Visdeloup, Western Cemetery Marie Héloïse Delphine Marchand, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Heloise Delphine Tomb Marie Herminie de Morigny, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Hilda Manuel, Western Cemetery Marie Joseph "Aimé" de Sornay Marie Joseph Helene Allot, Western Cemetery Marie Joseph Lecollier, Western Cemetery Marie Julienne Barbier, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Labauve d'Arifat Rey, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Leonidas Gregoire, Western Cemetery Marie Louise Charon, Western Cemetery Marie Lucie Chauvin, Western Cemetery Marie Madelaine Yvon, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Marie Mélanie Elisa Gillet, Western Cemetery Mrs H.E. Sedley, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Marie Odette D'Abbadie, Western Cemetery Marie Pauline Broudou, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Marie Perine Rioux, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Rachel Fangamar, Western Cemetery Marie Rosalie Lucie Villemont, Western Cemetery Marie Simone Marrier d'Unienville, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie Telcide Maulgue, Western Cemetery Marie Thérèse Amélie Duval, Western Cemetery Marie Valentine Marchand, Pamplemousses Cemetery Marie-Claire Le Courlois, Western Cemetery Marine John William Kelly Royal Marines HMS Enterprise Marlobin Cemetery Wife of J.H. Smith, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Mary Bayly, Western Cemetery Mary Georgette Nelly Rohan, Western Cemetery Mary Jane Spry Mary Lally, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Mary Louis Thomson, Western Cemetery Mary Murray, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Mary Wife of Thomas Gordon Standen Swan, Western Cemetery Matilda Anne Nicholas, Pamplemousses Cemetery Matthew Flinders Monument, La Marie Matthew Flinders Monument Matthew Morton, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Mayer Family Graves, Phoenix Cemetery Memorial of the Abolition of Slavery, Pointe Canon, Mahébourg Memorial to Lieutenant J.B. Paterson, Royal Engineers Memorial to Royal Artillery Soldiers Memorial to Pandit Sahadeo Memorial to Paul-Jean Toulet Memorial to Sir Charles Gaëtan Duval QC Memorial to the Crew of the Tug, Gaëtan Duval Memorial to the NCOs and Gunners of No. 4 Battery 15th Brigade Royal Artillery, Western Cemetery Memorial to the Persons Killed in he Hurricane of the 29th April 1892 Who Could Not Be Identified Memorial to the Sappers of 22 Company Royal Engineers Memorial to the Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment, Western Cemetery Memorial to Thomas Prince, Superintendent of Police 1869 Memorial, Pardoomun Shibchurn OBE Menassier Charpentier de Cossigny Tomb Midlands Cemetery Mme Bertin Larose, Phoenix Cemetery Mme Carosin, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Mme Daniel (Marie Anne) de K Jean, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Mme E Nayl, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Mme James Canonville, Pamplemousses Cemetery Mme Jean François Comarmond, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Mme Jean Nanbaroi, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Mme Nicholas Staub, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Mme V. Eugène Vigoureux, Western Cemetery Mon Plaisir Building, Pamplemousses Gardens Abbe Buovanita Tomb, Pamplemousses Cemetery Monument - Mr Doobree Sing Beehuspoteea Monument - P. Commerson, Naturalist Monument commemorating the 141st anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Mauritius, Jardin de la Compagnie Monument Commemorating the Centenary of Indian Immigration Monument Commemorating the Introduction of the Deer, Ferney Monument Commemorating the Landing of Commandant Guillaume Dufresne Monument Commemorating the Wreck of the St. Géran, Poudre d'Or Monument Erected in Memory of Dr Horace Beaugeard, Outside Western Cemetery Monument Erected in Memory of the Dead of 1892 Cyclone, Outside Western Cemetery Monument in memory of Soeur Marie Barthélemy, Jardin de la Compagnie Monument of Maha Rana Pratab Monument of Revd. Mère Barthélemy, Western Cemetery Monument on Dr. Aimé Joseph Mailloux Tomb, Western Cemetery Monument on Remy Ollier Tomb, Western Cemetery Monument on Revd. Jean Lebrun Tomb, Western Cemetery Monument to Abbe de la Caille Monument to Nothing Monument to Samuel Blunt de Burgh Edwardes Moodelly, Moodelyae, Moodely, Western Cemetery Mr. Charles R. Bell, Western Cemetery Mrs Foolcoowar Hurhangee, Roadside Memorial Mrs Harriet Atwood Tomb Murdo Stewart MacDonald, Phoenix Cemetery Muriel Taylor, Phoenix Cemetery Mylius Gebert, Western Cemetery N. Bestel, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Nam Shun Fooy Koon Cemetery National War Memorial Nicolas Auguste Dromart, Western Cemetery Nicolas Sulpice Le Blanc, Pamplemousses Cemetery Noel Cloridor, Western Cemetery Numa Pépin, née Constantin, Phoenix Cemetery Old Cemetery of Le Morne Old Cholera Cemetery, Pamplemousses Oscar Moizeau, Western Cemetery P. David Moutou Volair, Western Cemetery P. J. M. William Mamin, Western Cemetery P.B. Ayres, M.D. London, Western Cemetery PA Ramsamy Chettyar, Western Cemetery Pailles Cemetery Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Patrick Reilly, Pamplemousses Cemetery Paul Badaut Memorial Paul Emile Boucher de Boucherville, Western Cemetery Pauline Kine, Western Cemetery Pauline Labont, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Peace Monument Pere Barthelemy Huet de Froberville Tomb Petit Bel Air Catholic Cemetery Philippe de Saint Felix de Mauremont, Phoenix Cemetery Philippe Montocchio, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Phoenix Cemetery Pierre Claude Hanry De Beausire, Western Cemetery Pierre Edouard Berger, Western Cemetery Pierre Emile Randabel, Western Cemetery Pierre Francois Leon Keisler, Western Cemetery Pierre Lahuppe, Western Cemetery Pierre Laval, Western Cemetery Pierre Marie Fourmond, Western Cemetery Pierre Maxime Lafitte, Western Cemetery Pierre Paul Niyet, Western Cemetery Pierre Simon Desmoulins, Western Cemetery Pierre Tombale of Pere Gabriel Igou Plaine Magnien Cemetery Pointe Brocus Cemetery, Rivière des Créoles Pointe des Lascars Cemetery Port-Louis Harbour & Docks Workers Union Memorial Prayag Family Private Cemetery Prince Ehelapola Maha Nilame Monument Private Cemetery, Chamarel Private Cemetery, Solitude Private Chege Kinuthia King's African Rifles Private Cyril William Persand Mauritius Territorial Force Private E Augustin Mauritius Labour Corps Private E F St. Jorre Kenya Regiment Private E Webb Essex Regiment Private Edgar Descubes Mauritius Volunteers Private Eugene Botte Royal Pioneer Corps Private Evenor Couve Mauritius Volunteers Private Frederick Humberger Mauritius Volunteers Private Frederick Rouxelin Mauritius Volunteers Private G Enoka King's African Rifles 916 Private G. Gebert, Mauritius Volunteers, Western Cemetery Private Georges Jauffret C Company Mauritius Volunteers Private Gideon Okelo King's African Rifles Private J Ladoo Pioneer Corps Private John Sullivan, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Private Joseph Lois Sarangue Mauritius Labour Corps 65 Pvt. J.N. Moutou Mauritius Volunteers, Western Cemetery Private Joseph Octave Gautier Dupont C Company Mauritius Volunteers Private L H Andre Lenferna Mauritius Volunteers Private Lois Charlton Mauritius Volunteers 858 Private L. Paya, Mauritius Volunteers Private Louis Raphael Mayeur Mauritius Volunteers Private Marc Perrine Pioneer Corps Private Maxime Andre Mauritius Volunteers Private Njoroge Kinyanjui King's African Rifles Private Osiha Lwania King's African Rifles Private P Sheik Adam The Mauritius Regiment 975 Private R. Aliphon Mauritius Volunteers Private Roger Boulle C Company Mauritius Volunteers Prosper d'Epinay Tomb, Western Cemetery Pte J Foran, 1st Inniskilling Fusiliers, Bigarade Cemetery Pte Peter Broyson, 1st Inniskilling Fusiliers, Bigarade Cemetery Pte William Waldren, 1st Inniskilling Fusiliers, Bigarade Cemetery Quesnel, Western Cemetery R. D. Laurentii Conran, Western Cemetery Ralph Nemours Marshall d'Avray, Western Cemetery Rama Tiroumoudy, Pamplemousses Cemetery Raymond de Bertin d'Avesnes, Pamplemousses Cemetery Raynoird Grave, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Remi Philbert Alexandre Boudeville, Western Cemetery Rene Adam, Western Cemetery René Julius Latapie, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery René Magon de La Villebague, Pamplemousses Cemetery Rene Pierre Baissin, Western Cemetery Revd. Sommuel Rock Tomb, Western Cemetery Reverend A. J. Moore, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Reverend George McIrvine, Phoenix Cemetery Révérend Jean Lebrun Monument, Jardins de la Compagnie Reverend P McDonald, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Reverend Patrick Cooney, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens Reverend Pere Leon Dufay Memorial, Port-Louis Richard Hussey Walsh LLD Tomb Richard Thomas Moore, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Richard Thomas Paquet, Western Cemetery Riche Mare Cemetery Rivalz de Chazal, Phoenix Cemetery Rivière des Galets Cemetery Roadside Burial Robert Granford, Western Cemetery Robert Sanders, Western Cemetery Robin Volsy, Pamplemousses Cemetery Roger Marrier d'Unienville, Western Cemetery Rustichelli et Didier St. Amand, Western Cemetery Saint Coeur De Marie Cemetery, Petite Rivière Saint Julien Church, FUEL Historic Graveyard Salaun de Kerbalanec, Western Cemetery Sanden E Swan, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Sapper A Anderson Royal Engineers Sapper P Marie Royal Engineers Sarah Brown, Western Cemetery Sauveur Raymond Hoddul, Pamplemousses Cemetery Second Lieutenant Andre Bouic Royal Flying Corps Second Lieutenant Francis M. Pearson, Western Cemetery Serge Staub, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Sergeant D C O'Shea Royal Army Education Corps Sergeant James Smith 32nd Regiment Sergeant James Smith Sergeant of Police Sergeant John Hogg, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Serjeant C J Vinton Royal Army Medical Corps Tomb of Serjeant Charles Clarke, Hospital Serjeant, 2nd Battalion, 5th Fusiliers Serjeant Gaston Potie Mauritius Volunteers Serjeant John Cochrane, Petit Bel Air Cemetery Signalman L N Bassy Mauritius Regiment Tomb of Sir Celicourt Antelme KCMG, Chavalier de la Legion d'Honneur Sir Kher Jagatsingh Memorial Sir Lionel Smith Tomb, Western Cemetery Sir Robert Barclay Tomb, Western Cemetery Sir William Newton Tomb, Western Cemetery Slavery Monument Soldiers of Peace Monument Souillac Cemetery South African Airways Crash Memorial Special Mobile Force Monument SS Trevessa Memorial St George Cemetery, Richelieu St Georges Cemetery, Port-Louis St Hubert Cemetery St Jean Cemetery, Quatre-Bornes St John's Church Cemetery, Reduit St Louis Cemetery, Richelieu St Martin's Cemetery, Baie du Cap St Martin's Jewish Cemetery, Beau Bassin St Philomene's Church Cemetery St Thomas Anglican Church Graveyard, Beau-Bassin St. Barnabas Anglican Church Graveyard St. Martin Cemetery, Beau Bassin Staff Serjeant A Nettle Royal Army Medical Corps Statue of A. Remy Ollier, Jardin de la Compagnie Statue of Adrien d'Epinay, Jardin de la Compagnie Statue of Brown Sequard, Jardin de la Compagnie Statue of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Government House Compound Statue of Leoville L'Homme, Jardin de la Compagnie Statue of Manilall Doctor, Jardin de la Compagnie Paul and Virginie Statue Statue of Raoul Rivet, Jardins de la Compagnie Statue of Sir John Pope Hennessy, KCMG, Place Sookdeo Bissoondoyal Statue of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, Port Louis Waterfront Statue of Sir W. Stevenson, KCB, Government House Compound Statue of Sir William Newton, Place Sookdeo Bissoondoyal Statue to Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo GCSK QC Stèle de l'Unité St-Pierre-Es-Liens Cemetery St-Pierre-Es-Liens Church Cemetery Sugar Cane Memorial Suspected Tamil Grave Swinny Tomb, Western Cemetery T.L. Fernand Lamaletie, Western Cemetery Telfair Monument Terre Rouge Cemetery The Dutch Cemetery, Grand Port The Honorable George Smith, Western Cemetery The Honorable Gilbert Alexander Barry Esquire, Western Cemetery The Very Reverend Bernard de Colyar D.D. Therese Laval, Western Cemetery Thom Merven, Pamplemousses Cemetery Thomas Condran, Western Cemetery Thomas Crooks Gowan Grave Thomas Hampden Mullens Tomb Grave of Thomas Maguire Esq. Thomas Richardson Late Orderly Room Clerk 35th Regiment Thomas Victorin Trublet, Western Cemetery Thomy Olivier, Western Cemetery Three British Soldiers (1), Bigarade Cemetery Three British Soldiers (2), Bigarade Cemetery Three Infant Sons, Western Cemetery Tomb of Jhon Mann, St Julien Cemetery Tomb of John Comber-Browne Tomb of Le Comte Gaud Louis Ravanel Trou d'Eau Douce Cemetery Twinning Monument Curepipe - Tananarive Urbain Bruneau, Pamplemousses Cemetery V.J. Maxime le Maire, Western Cemetery Van der Mersch-Mamlet, Western Cemetery Vincent Dumas, Western Cemetery Virginie Pauline Nayna, Western Cemetery Viviene Carolus Marie, Western Cemetery Wenceslas Bojer Tomb, Western Cemetery Western Cemetery, Port-Louis William Burns, Western Cemetery William Edward Baker, Western Cemetery William Geary, Engineer from Liverpool, Western Cemetery William Hazlitt, Western Cemetery William Henry Lindsay Crawford, Petit Bel Air Cemetery William Hewetson de Boisseuil-Baron, Cimetière Paroissial Saint Pierre-ès-Liens William Prout, Western Cemetery William Telfair Tomb, Western Cemetery Williams Johnson, Western Cemetery WOII Akech Okumu King's African Rifles WOII R H Carpenter South African Air Force WOII RQMS H Hurst MM The Rifle Brigade Xavier Moutou, Western Cemetery Y B R Mamarot, Pamplemousses Historic Cemetery Yves Alfred Chastellier, Western Cemetery Zoe Laude Suzanne Emilie Maingard, Western Cemetery