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Probably the largest collection of modern photographs of historic locations around Mauritius

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Monument des Pêcheurs, Le MorneOld Building, MahébourgLone Cannon, MahébourgSir Anerood Jugnauth BridgeMaha Shivaratree Festival PamplemoussesJ.M.P. Duchenne, Pamplemousses CemeteryEdmond Chauvin, Pamplemousses CemeteryFamille Hodoul, Pamplemousses CemeteryFamille du Coudray, Pamplemousses CemeteryPierre Michel Nicolas, Pamplemousses CemeteryFrançois Jules Maurel, Pamplemousses CemeteryFamille Capitaine Daniel Martin, Pamplemousses CemeteryGeorges Joseph de Courson, Pamplemousses CemeteryFrançois Gabriel Cougnaud, Pamplemousses CemeterySaurette Dupuy, Pamplemousses Cemetery