Chimneys started appearing when sugar mills moved to steam as the source of their power.  Hot air rises and by providing a chimney for the hot air to rise in, the resulting draught can be controlled and better utilised.  As the hot air rises, colder air is drawn across the fire by the pressure differential which leads to a more efficient fire.  The fire was used to convert water into steam which in turn was used to power machinery.  As technology progressed, the manner in which the water was heated became more efficient but this still required a chimney.  The draught produced by the chimney depended on a number of factors including the location, and the height of the chimney.  You will see a number of chimneys have been raised up higher than their original height, Albion for example.  This could have been because the draught was initially insufficient or it could have been due to a different steam production method being used later which required a stronger draught.

Many chimneys are on private land and whilst many land owners are happy for visitors to take photos, we recommend asking permission first.

There are a couple of chimneys which were not used in this manner, including a bread oven.

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