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Our mission is to identify and record what remains of the tangible history of Mauritius, before it is too late.  This is primarily a photographic record with some associated information.  The information will be augmented with time but there is little point reinventing the wheel, there are plenty of sources of information, some better than others.  You will also not find any adverts.  This is not about making money, this is all about the recording and promotion of the history of Mauritius, Historic Mauritius.

We are also recording whatever is found to be quite interesting during this quest.

For a number of years, the domain “” redirected to our pages, if you were looking for these pages or wish to check out these albums, click here.

Most albums can be found on up to three pages.  Firstly, each photo album will appear on a categories page so if you wanted to look for albums related to Mauritius Railways, Bridges, Buildings etc. then you could select from the available categories.  Secondly, an album  a District page.  This could be useful if you are planning on visiting Mauritius on a cultural holiday and wish to see what history can be found in a specific district.  Some albums also appear under different categories because of their story.

If you visit locations, please be mindful of the history, take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. Please do not assist the bulldozer in its task.

Every photo is uploaded, the good, the bad and the surprisingly adequate but only so as much detail as possible is recorded and whilst some information is provided, this website is image-centric.  Each image is available for non-commercial use under an attribution, no derivatives Creative Commons license.  Attribution should display “”.  If you wish to use any of the images commercially or you are interested in discussing aerial or 360° photography, please email us here.

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